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Watch what happened on Olivers recent trip to Chicago for Rod Khleif‘s multi-family apartment investing bootcamp. We show behind the scenes and share 4 tips on finding off market multi-family apartment properties.

Oliver Graf is the co-founder of the 3 time Inc 500 company Big Block Realty, a real estate brokerage. Alongside multiple other successful business’s in the real estate space his experience in business development, digital marketing and customer relationship building has helped him become a leading entrepreneur and online influencer. 

Oliver is also very active in the industry and attends regular business seminars, workshops, and networking events through out the year to constantly stay ahead of the game. 

Play the video or read the transcript below to find out these must have real estate tips.

Here’s how the video breaksdown:

:24 Adventure in Downtown Chicago and our journey to Cloud Gate (β€œThe Bean”)

[1:49] Rolling down by Lake Michigan

[2:36] Mmmmmmm…Chicago Deep Dish

[2:44] Rod’s multi family apartment investing event

[3:29] 4 tips on how to find off-market multifamily apartment deals

[6:02] Hancock Tower – 96th floor dinner and drinks


Key Takeaway:

Learn various tips on where to find the most profitable and affordable off market properties to invest in while taking a tour of Chicago with Oliver Graf, Rod Khleif, Garrison Gilbert and friends


Full Transcript Below:

Oliver: Out here today in Chicago, getting ready for Rod Khleif‘s multifamily event. Decided to go grab some food, see what we can get into downtown. So we’re making our way over to The Bean and we just found some Go bikes right here and we’re going to try to figure out how to get one.

Speaker 2:  Got it! Hey, download the Divvy bikes. Nailed it!

Oliver: How you feeling?

Speaker 2: Yeah! The C-DOTs.

Oliver: Exploring the city.

Oliver:  See that right there? The tall towers. Rolling hard downtown Chicago.

Speaker 2: There it is, Dylan.

Oliver: Well, after an adventure and a little bit of searching, we found The Bean. What do you think of it? Worth the journey?

Speaker 2:Β Worth the journey man?

Oliver: So we made it down to the waterfront, Lake Michigan. Shaking and moving. Did a little off-roading. Making our way back down to the trail.

Speaker 2: Yes, please.  Are you taking a picture with your phone?

Oliver: Contractors, things like that, to keep an eye on things.

Rod Kahleif:  122 properties and he’s the meet-up king of the planet, and Garrison Gilbert, with 159 properties and just cashed 100,000 dollars in checks for a wholesale deal.

Garrison Gilbert:  Social media has been pretty killer for me. I’ve raised over probably $750,000 in the last 10, 11 months, just off of Facebook. So you take all of that into account and you pretty much have a win-win situation. 90 or higher for 90 days and thin off and stabilize and that’s how you influence.

Oliver: Just finished Rod’s multifamily bootcamp. Really recommend the event for anyone that’s interested in getting involved in multifamily real estate. They just gave a ton of value and just wanted to share a couple tips that we learned at the event on how to find off-market deals. So here we go.

Tip number one, calling on bandit signs. So a lot of those We Buy Houses signs that you see out in the streets that some regular, single family and flippers and wholesalers put up. Well a lot of the guys here are having massive success with calling on those signs and talking to the people that are looking for those types of deals because most of them don’t have any experience in doing multifamily or any real desire to do them. So, they can be a great source of deals if you contact them and partner with them on anything that they come across. It’s multifamily.

Tip number two is working with property managers in the local market that you’re interested in because a lot of times property managers have the inside scoop on when sellers want to sell because generally if someone’s interested in selling, one of the first people that they let know is their property managers. So that’s a great source of off-market deals.

So tip three is finding deals on Craigslist. The thing that they liked about craigslist is that no one’s really looking there anymore and that a lot of times the smaller mom-and-pop owners will post there ’cause they just don’t have any other resources. So it can still be a great way to find multifamily deals.

And tip number four. I know I said there’d be three, but this a little bonus tip is they suggested looking in the classified ads in the newspaper, and the reason they like to do that is because a lot of the owners of these multifamily buildings are older and a lot less tech savvy, and so they still do traditional methods like classified newspaper ads, and no one’s really looking there anymore for deals. So it’s a great source. So give it a try, see if you find anything good and I hope that helps.

Oliver: It’s going!

Speaker 7: It’s recording.

Speaker 8: EZ!

Oliver: Hey, I know we got Chris Cole from the X-Games. Bro that’s so dope!

Chris Cole: What up, man?

Oliver: Just came off the Hancock Tower, 95th floor, signature cocktail lounge all the way up there. Right at the top. Very cool. Highly recommend it. Check it out when you come to Chicago.

Back on the bike, heading through downtown Chicago. It’s been real. Had a great time. Loved it. What up, eh, say what up.

Speaker 10: Hey!

Oliver: We’re just cruising. See you next time. Full Moon. And we’re out.


Pullout Quotes:

“Garrison Gilbert, with 159 properties and just cashed 100,000 dollars in checks for a wholesale deal.”

“Tip number one, calling on bandit signs.”

“property managers have the inside scoop on when sellers want to sell.”

“hey still do traditional methods like classified newspaper ads, and no one’s really looking there anymore for deals.”



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