Want to learn How To Syndicate Your Content and get more eyeballs? Watch this 1 minute video.

I just spent the last couple days in San Francisco at a mastermind (www.ClosingTableMastermind.com) and got some great tools and strategies.

It was also nice because I got to spend some time exploring the city with family and friends.

In this video, I’m out on a friend of mine’s roof deck and I wanted to share with you a cool platform for distributing your content to multiple sites at once. That way anytime you create new videos, blog posts, anything like that, you can use this tool to get more exposure…

It’s a service called OnlyWire – that’s www.OnlyWire.com.

What’s really cool about the service is that you can plug in 26 different social media sites, and with the click of a button, you can one click distribute to all those different sites.

To get started, what I would do is log into the site and set up a profile on every single one of the accounts that you don’t already have and for any that you do already have, just plug in what you’ve already got.

You can submit instantly submit your new content to sites like:
– Reddit
– Medium
– Tumblr
– Twitter
– LinkedIn
– Google+
– Pinterest
– Facebook
– Facebook Pages
– Facebook Groups
– Xing
– WordPress and more!

Set it up and then you can one-click distribute your content, blog’s, videos (anything that you’re putting out there) and get a lot more backlinks and a lot more immediate juice.

So www.OnlyWire.com, check it out; let me know what you think and hope it helps.

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