The Best Travel Itinerary App

Are you looking for a great travel application that makes helps you make good decisions and puts everything you need in one place? Check out Oliver Graf’s thoughts on his best travel itinerary app Tripcase by watching his Youtube video or reading the transcript below.

Full Video Transcript:

“I’m out here today in Chicago, checking out a really cool art installation downtown called Cloud Gate. It’s also been nicknamed The Bean, and it’s a really cool reflective sculpture that they put right here in the middle of the city. I just wanted to share a quick tip that we use for a lot of our travel stuff. It just makes organizing all your travel and your reservations really easy. It’s called TripCase.

The Best Travel Itinerary App

“What I really like about it is that, anytime once you set up an account, anytime you get a hotel reservation, or confirmation numbers, or airplane reservations set up, all you have to do is forward them in an email to [email protected], and it’ll just neatly insert it into your itinerary. You’ll have everything all in one place, and it makes it really easy to organize and stay on top of all of your travel.”

“Give it a try, hope it helps. We love it for all of our travel organizing, and I hope it helps you, as well. Look forward to talking to you, and we’ll see you on the next one.”

The Best Travel Itinerary App

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